How do I bequest my digital items to another person?

A ‘digital register’ with a record of locations and passwords is one way to make to make arrangements to manage and bequest your digital assets that may be held locally on a storage disc or in various online services.  See Digital Register

Another way is to periodically download and archive all your digital files (photos, tweets, videos etc.) and keep them on a removable storage disk for safe-keeping. You may then request that all your online accounts are closed upon your death and only bequest the storage disk to friends or relatives.

Remember, it is possible to curate the storage disk in such a way that only the files that you wish to remain are available to your friends and relatives. This means that any sensitive or irrelevant information is deleted upon your death with the requested closure of your email and other accounts. Only the information on the curated storage disk will be available; perhaps for use in an online memorial or in a family archive. See Memorisation:

Many online services, eager to protect the privacy of their clients, do not allow the transfer of an account from one person to another; even after you die. So it is important to create local copies of your images, videos, and other important data if you want them to remain into the future. See Archiving: